Sienna Martz is a Hudson Vallery artist based in Kingston, NY, who concentrates on soft sculpture installations, fiber art, and wearable design with a focus in alternative material manipulation and textile techniques. She has exhibited her work internationally in solo and group exhibitions including in Seoul, South Korea; New York City; Rome, Italy; Los Angeles, California; Philadelphia, PA; Providence, Rhode Island; and Woodstock, New York. Martz has been commissioned by art museums, galleries, dance companies, and musicians. She was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree as a Dean's list scholar from the Tyler School of Art, Temple University. 


Artist Statement //

Sienna Martz's work attempts to examine man’s intrusion on biological structures, plasticity, and morphology through soft sculpture installations and wearable designs. Her work is built upon time intensive processes to form an interaction between the body and non-native materials, parasitic procreation, and the invasion of a space, material, and the human body. Using the development of traditional textile techniques in a contemporary method, the interaction between materials becomes an essential element in the concepts of her work. While giving herself only a certain amount of control over the manipulation, she lets the material’s natural reaction to the process take place. Therefore, the object, wearable, or installation is allowed to react and change in response to it’s immediate environment, history, and movement with the body.


Exhibitions //

2018 "Under Exposed Series" Dixon Place - New York, New York

2018 "BITE ME" Burnette Gallery - Woodstock, New York 

2017 "Pure Imagination" Art League of Lincoln - Lincoln, California

2017 "Wearable Expressions" Palos Verdes Art Center - Rancho Palos Verdes, California

2016 "Threads of Splendor" The Chung Young Yang Embroidery Museum - Seoul, South Korea

2016 "State of Suspension" CAB Art Gallery at the University of North Carolina - Willmington, North Carolina

2015 "Exposure" Trocadero Theater - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2015 SLV + Daniel de Jesus live performance, Custom made costume, A Seed on Diamond Gallery - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2014 "Wearable Art Inspiration in Thread" The Chung Young Yang Embroidery Museum - Seoul, South Korea

2014 "Eco + Fashion" City Hall Art Gallery - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

2013 "Intercellular Plasticity" Solo Exhibition, Stella Elkin's Gallery - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

2013 "Generations XI: The Red/Pink Show" A.I.R. Gallery - Brooklyn, New York

2013 "Water Cooler" Pop Up Galler - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2013 "La Crecita" Solo Exhibition, Temple University Gallery - Rome, Italy

2013 "Greetings From Rome" Temple University Gallery - Rome, Italy

2012 "A.W.E." Pop Up Gallery - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2012 "Launch at Space 102" Crane Arts Center - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2012 "All Show" Stella Elkin's Gallery - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2011 "Fibers and Materials Studies" Stella Elkin's Gallery - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2008 "Program Show" Rhode Island School of Design Gallery - Providence, Rhode Island


Publications and Press //

2018 Chronogram Magazine, "7 Hudson Valley Contemporary Artists to Watch Out for"

2017 Fiber Art Now, "Emerging Artists 2016"

2016 Google Arts and Culture, "The Chung Young Yang Embroidery Museum"

2014 About.Me Blog, "No Ordinary Sculpture Artist: Sienna Martz". Artist Interview

2014 Surface Design Journal, "River of Red Silk", Korea's Chung Young Yang Embroidery Museum article

2014 Seoul Sunday Magazine 전통 수 놓은 의상 양조 현대 바보 의 영감 article

2014 The Temple News, "Tyler grad's wearable art featured abroad"

2014 Tyler School of Art Website, "Tyler Alum Sienna Martz featured in major museum in Seoul, South Korea"

2013 Nimbus Literary and Arts Magazine, "Persephone Head Piece", Cover Image


Education //

2013 The Tyler School of Art, Bachelors in Fine Art in Sculpture, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

2013 Temple University, Study Abroad Program, Rome, Italy

2008 Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island


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